February 11

Assisted Living Transportation

We provide transportation for assisted living in Ann Arbor, Canton, Farmington Hills, Troy and Metro Detroit

Benefits to Assisted Living Transportation 

Transportation options for seniors living in assisted living facilities are varied and depend on what the facility as well as the immediate vicinity offer.  It is very important when searching for an assisted living facility that you ask what transportation they offer and what it may cost. If the facility is located in Farmington Hills, Troy, Novi or Metro Detroit, there are many exciting things to do locally that your loved one will want transportation for.

There are many Americans age 65 and older do not have access to public transportation. This causes most of these non-drivers to stay home, when they have things they could be doing. People who live in rural areas and small towns are even more affected because of limited transportation options.

It is very important for seniors to remain mobile in order to keep their social independence with friends and family. Being mobile reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness, and helps them to feel like a part of the community. Being a part of the community helps increase overall wellbeing and decreases negative feelings such as depression.

There are personal transportation options through states programs, non-profit organizations and private businesses, if you or a loved one can no longer drive. These transportation services are usually available to provide transport to and from an assisted living facility. There are many different types of transportation available such as:

Volunteer Driver Programs-These are typically faith-based or through a non-profit organization and have a group of volunteers who provide transportation as needed to things such as doctor appointments, shopping, church and other things. These are often free or at a minimal cost.

Door through Door Service- These agencies provide drivers who give personal assistance (wheelchair help, help with bags, etc.) through a passenger's door and on through the door of their destination and back.

Para-transit Service- Private agencies provide transportation using minibuses or small vans to the elderly or those with disabilities. In order to use paratransit, you need to qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You must show that your mobility issues prevent you from taking regular public transit. Qualifications are different in different areas, but factors considered include:What your disability isYour level of functionality and mobilityObstacles in your area that may prevent you from reaching public transit on your ownEnvironmental conditions

Depending on what type of assisted living facility your loved one is staying in, whether in Novi, Farmington Hills, Troy or Metro Detroit, they may provide their own on-site transportation.  


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