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Living in metro area of Canton MI and requiring the aid of a wheelchair and the need for wheelchair transportation services to be independent, can at times be challenging.  Especially if your living in a rural part of the state where public bussing is unavailable.

MedSync is focused on providing a comprehensive service area. While we do have a primary region for wheelchair transports in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Canton,  and Metro Detroit we also offer extended services to the entire state of Michigan.  

Our transports range from short one way trips, two way trips, multiple stops trips, or long distant medical transports. 

Wheelchair Transport and Handicap Accessible Vehicles

The idea of having to require assistance to get in and out of your wheelchair when using standard transportation can often become a burden to the person who uses the chair and leave them feeling less independent.   

With a fleet of wheelchair accessibility equipped vehicles we can provide a solution to this burden that may effect the passengers feeling of independence.  

Our medical transport vehicles  allow persons who  are in need of a wheelchair aid during transport to easily get in and out.  Eliminating the need to be physically lifted out of the chair.

Once inside the vehicle, all of our wheelchair transportation clients will experience a comfortable ride. Equipped with extend space, removable seating, and harnesses MedSync offers a comfortable non emergency, ambulatory based, transportation service.  

With plenty of room to adjust and maneuver, we assist our clients with all aspects of the transportation processes.  

Our services can also extend beyond the vehicle.  Upon request and pre establish conditions we offer basic in home care, grocery getting, or companionship while attending medical appointments. 

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