Safe Senior Citizen Transportation  in Ypsilanti 

senior citizen transportation

MedSync is proud to offer Senior Transportation services in Ypsilanti MI.  When driving becomes too stressful or unsafe our Transportation Services for Ypsilanti Michigan Seniors we are here to help. We believe that once a person requires elderly transportation it doesn't mean that they have become dependent. Many of our clients prefer the alternative to driving as we provide them with security, safety and comfort by knowing they are being driven by a qualified accompaniment.

  Ypsilanti MI Non- Emergency Medical Transportation Services

​MedSync Transportation and Services is a non emergency medical transportation company servicing Ypsilanti and its extended areas. Working with clients on a scheduled basis we can offer predictably dependable transport services. With on call availability we can also provide unscheduled medical transportation services. However to ensure timely transfer we encourage all of our clients to use our online scheduling options and pre-plan any expected travels.

When in Ypsilanti  ride with our comfortable Wheelchair Transportation Services

Ann Arbor Medical transportation

Michigan Non Emergency Medical Transportation Service

Our Ypsilanti Mi Wheelchair transportation vehicles allow customers to comfortably get in and out without the need to be physically lifted out of the chair. Once inside the vehicle all wheelchair transportation clients will experience a comfortable ride. Equipped with extended space, removable seating and safety harnesses, we offer high quality AnnArbor transportation services. With plenty of room to adjust and maneuver, we assist our clients with all aspects of the transportation processes.

Disabled or Handicap Transportation Services

​ Having a disability that requires handicap transportation services can often times create for a more challenging lifestyle. If you or a loved one is disabled and requires regular transportation services, public transport options can often be overwhelming. Public based, handicap transportation will generally lack the compassion and service based mentality that a private company like MedSync offers. With a caring and attentive approach our disabled transportation services will always provide for a more enjoyable travel when compared to public options.

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