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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep scrolling for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the services MedSync Transportation will provide. Don’t see your question answered here? Send us an Email, or contact us using our Office Number.

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  • Address: 2035 Hogback Rd Ann Arbor MI, 48105

1. Question: Do you accept Medicaid, Medicare, Meridian, and Blue Cross BlueShield?

 Answer: No.

2.  Question: Will my health insurance reimburse me for transportation services?

Answer: Each health insurance plan is different. Some insurance companies will reimburse for transportation, and some will not. If your insurance plan does cover transportation, transportation will have to be paid upfront. You are welcomed to submit a receipt to your health insurance for reimbursement. 

3. Question:  What areas do you service and do you travel out of state?

Answer: We service all of Michigan, the neighboring states, and provide transportation out of state. Where ever you would like to travel we will take you.

4. Question:  Do you provide transportation for bed-bound patients or patients that are unable to sit up right for lengthy periods? 

Answer:  Depending on the circumstances involved, yes. We can provide patients with equipment and transportation to help alleviate from sitting upright for lengthy periods during transfers. Please call for further information. 

5. Question: Do you transport COVID patients, and are you COVID compliant?

Answer:  Yes, we are COVID compliant. There are units dedicated just for COVID patients ONLY. We sanitize EVREY SINGLE VEHICLE and clean them before and after each transport. 

6. Question: How many people can you carry in each vehicle at one time?

Answer: We can carry two wheelchairs and three separate passengers at one time.

7. Question: Do you provide transportation to medical appointments only?

Answer: No. We provide transportation to medical appointments, social events, weddings, family gatherings, commercial shoots, and much more. 

8. Question: If I wanted to order a private vehicle for shuttling people for a day, do you offer such a service? 

Answer: Yes, we offer a private shuttle service for special events. Please call for further information.

9. Question:  Is this a share ride type of service? 

Answer: We dedicate each vehicle to each client. We do not ram around town picking other people up along routes unless agreed upon by all parties that are scheduled to ride that same day.

10. Question: Can another person ride along if they are going to the same location?

Answer: Yes. Family members, caregivers are welcome to ride along.