Assisted Living Transportation

We provide transportation for assisted living in Ann Arbor, Canton, Farmington Hills, Troy and Metro Detroit

Benefits to Assisted Living Transportation 

Transportation options for seniors living in assisted living facilities are varied and depend on what the facility as well as the immediate vicinity offer.  It is very important when searching for an assisted living facility that you ask what transportation they offer and what it may cost. If the facility is located in Farmington Hills, Troy, Novi or Metro Detroit, there are many exciting things to do locally that your loved one will want transportation for.

There are many Americans age 65 and older do not have access to public transportation. This causes most of these non-drivers to stay home, when they have things they could be doing. People who live in rural areas and small towns are even more affected because of limited transportation options.

It is very important for seniors to remain mobile in order to keep their social independence with friends and family. Being mobile reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness, and helps them to feel like a part of the community. Being a part of the community helps increase overall wellbeing and decreases negative feelings such as depression.

There are personal transportation options through states programs, non-profit organizations and private businesses, if you or a loved one can no longer drive. These transportation services are usually available to provide transport to and from an assisted living facility. There are many different types of transportation available such as:

Volunteer Driver Programs-These are typically faith-based or through a non-profit organization and have a group of volunteers who provide transportation as needed to things such as doctor appointments, shopping, church and other things. These are often free or at a minimal cost.

Door through Door Service- These agencies provide drivers who give personal assistance (wheelchair help, help with bags, etc.) through a passenger's door and on through the door of their destination and back.

Para-transit Service- Private agencies provide transportation using minibuses or small vans to the elderly or those with disabilities. In order to use paratransit, you need to qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You must show that your mobility issues prevent you from taking regular public transit. Qualifications are different in different areas, but factors considered include:What your disability isYour level of functionality and mobilityObstacles in your area that may prevent you from reaching public transit on your ownEnvironmental conditions

Depending on what type of assisted living facility your loved one is staying in, whether in Novi, Farmington Hills, Troy or Metro Detroit, they may provide their own on-site transportation.  

Non-Emergency Medical Services

Caring For Elderly Parents & Accompaniment Services

Options for elderly care and medical transportation

Many caregivers struggle to balance the needs of their loved ones with the demands of their daily family life. Whether your loved one lives with you or in their own home, or even an assisted living or nursing home environment, you can’t do it all.

Non-Emergency Medical Services

Assisting the elderly and Disabled to Medical Appointments

Nothing is more stressful than when your family member has a medical appointment that conflicts with your schedule, and they are unsafe or unable to drive. Some people are forced to miss the appointment or rely on a cab or other temporary and unknown transportation service to get them to and from their healthcare provider’s office, but there is a better solution. MedSync’s accompaniment services provides the responsible care your family member needs, which gives you peace of mind and more control over your schedule.

Our accompaniment services includes modern and safe wheelchair transportation as well as transportation for people who use walkers or other assistive devices. Our facilitator and companionship staff will pick your loved one up from their residence, including a private home, assisted living facility or nursing home. We then accompany the person to their appointment, wait for them to finish their care, and return them to their home. Our non-emergency medical transportation and accompaniment services are available for:

  • Doctor’s Visits
  • Medical Procedures
  • Occupational and/or Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Psychiatric Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • Eye Exams
  • Hearing Assessments
  • Other Medical and Psychological Service Appointments

We strive to assure that patients arrive on time for their appointments and, because we stay with them, you know that they are not experiencing long wait times or left alone and vulnerable. Utilizing this service relieves the stress, guilt and frustration many caregivers experience in addressing non-emergency medical transportation demands, while assuring that their family members receive the timely healthcare services they need.

Our accompaniment services can be extended to include running errands, such grocery shopping, hair appointments, and more. If your loved one wants to engage in these activities, but is unsafe to do so alone, let us support you by managing this process.

MedSync Transportation and Services is privately owned and operated and every employee is friendly and focused on customer care.  Call us today at (734) 646-8846 to learn how we can help you responsibly manage your loved one’s non-emergency medical transportation needs.

Non-Emergency Transport Discharge Planner

Discharge Planning with Medical Transportation Needs

Important Details To Consider When Being Discharged

Discharging a patient from a hospital or skilled nursing facility requires extensive planning to assure that all required services will be available at their destination. This process is more complicated when the person is either bed or wheelchair bound. In these instances, a non-emergency medical transportation plan must be included within the discharge procedure.

Medical Transportation and Discharge

Discharge planning is impacted by where the patient is discharged to. Depending on their needs, the home may be a house, apartment, assisted living unit, or nursing home. Coordination must occur between the hospital, the medical transportation provider, and destination personnel, if any, to assure that:

  • The treating physician has approved the discharge and documented this decision.
  • All discharge paperwork has been completed.
  • Follow-up visits and outpatient services are scheduled.
  • The patient and family have received their discharge packet and all medications, durable medical equipment, and patient’s personal belongings.
  • Non-emergency medical transportation arrives when scheduled to transport the patient to their destination.
  • In situations where the patient’s destination is an assisted living or nursing home, the staff is prepared to accept the patient at the scheduled time, and support his or her reintegration into the facility.

Delays in any step in this process can lead to patient and family frustrations. For patients discharged to an assisted living or nursing home environment, severe delays in a hospital discharge can result in missed medications and meals, which can exacerbate existing medical conditions. For these reasons, it is imperative that the discharge process occurs as planned.

Non-Emergency Transportation, Follow-up Appointments, and Outpatient Care

The scheduling of follow-up physician appointments and outpatient services, such as physical therapy, are often including in the discharge planning process. For people who are wheel-chair bound, they will require a wheelchair transportation service to get them to their appointments.  This service must be reliable to assure that the patient does not miss needed medical treatment due to driver delays.

MedSync Transportation & Services provides all levels of non-emergency medical transportation and wheelchair transportation to support the hospital and facility discharges, physician appointments, and outpatient medical services.  We provide reliable, non-emergency transportation in the Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit and Ypsilanti service areas. MedSync also provides extended transportation serves throughout Michigan and neighboring states upon request.

Three hurdles when caring for an elderly parent and how we help.

Three hurdles that come with caring for aging parents and how we can help you overcome them.

Hurdle #1: Are the responsibilities that come with caring for an aging parent becoming overwhelming  stressful?

MedSync Transportation has worked with hundreds of individuals and families over the years in helping them to reduce the stress associated with the transportational responsibilities that come with caring for aging parents. 

Hurdle #2: Does it seem nearly impossible for you to take time off work in order to accompany your loved one to regular scheduled doctor's appointments?

​Not only does Med Sync offer basic senior citizen transportation but we also provide accompaniment services which include companionship, and facilitator. We can stay with your loved one at the medical facility and keep him/her company, then bring them safely home. Whatever you require to be done we can accommodate your needs.

Schedule your loved one's next transport today!

senior citizen transportation

Hurdle #3: Do you feel accountable for running errands, picking up groceries, or providing parents with other aid based services on a daily basis?  

We believe when the elderly need a little assistance with day to day activities this doesn't mean that they have  become completely dependent.  We also believe that caring for your aging parents and being accountable shouldn't restrict your own independence as a loving child either.  

MedSync's Non Emergency Medical Transportation can help adult children of elderly parents feel as though they are still independent of each other responsibilities.  We offer day to day senior citizen transportation services and can help with regular life activities such as running errands, picking up groceries, or assisting with in home mobility when needed. 

How Elderly Assistance Services Can Improve Well-Being

Elderly Assistance: How MedSync’s Services Can Improve Well-Being

MedSync provides care and transportation assistance for the elderly. If a loved one or someone you know could use assistance with daily household chores, everyday tasks, or transportation around town and to-and-from medical appointments, MedSync can provide an affordable solution.

Lifestyle Assistance In Michigan

MedSync offers several services that can improve the well-being and lifestyle of your elderly loved ones. Whether it be daily transportation for running errands or more personal services like daily household task or responsibilities.  We will lift a burden off of you and your loved ones.

 We will act as an aid in tasks such asgrocery shopping, housework, in-home mobility assistance, or accompanying clients to medical appointments.  By acting as a third party support we provide closer and assurance to families who have trouble caring for their elderly parents or loved ones. 


Getting help with these basic things can make a world of difference in independence, confidence, and quality of life.  Making it so you and your loved ones can instead spend the time together and less time worrying about an unattended task.

Our companionship program will also give you peace of mind when your busy schedule conflicts with your visiting time. Our companions are great listeners and will give your loved one friendly company while you’re away.

Medical Transportation In Michigan

If your or a family member needs to get to an appointment on time, you can rest assured that MedSync will get them there safely.

We provide:

– Accompaniment to appointments

Door to door medical transportation

Wheelchair transports

Next time an important appointment conflicts with your schedule, don’t panic! Just call MedSync. Provide us with the details on where to pick up, and when and where to drop off. We can also accompany our clients during the appointment.

Transportation to Special Events

Our wheelchair transportation service ensures that your loved one can go with you to family gatherings and events that you might not be able to get them to otherwise.

Our services are always provided with a real smile. Our staff are caring, patient, and understanding. We care about delivering friendly service that is on time and within your budget. We’re very adaptive to different needs and can get your loved ones from place to place safely and quickly. If you’re interested in any of our services, get in touch.

We know that our services can make your life, and your loved one’s life, easier. Our staff are compassionate and truly want to make you happy. We will do all we can to ensure you get what you expect, what you need, and what you want. Our diverse staff means we have a flexible schedule that can take care of just about anything you need. If you have any questions or would like to hire an assistant, please contact us.

Transportation for seniors to medical appointments in Michigan

MedSync Transportation & Services provides transportation for seniors to medical appointments

MedSyne Transportation provides transport for seniors to medical appointments through out the entire state of Michigan and bordering states like Ohio and Indiana.  

Working primarily in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas our services help both care givers and children who care for their elderly parents with the difficulties associated with ambulatory transportation.  

Why Choose MedSync for Non Emergency Medical Transports

With fully equipped vehicles our drivers are able to provide the most comfortable non-emergency transport possible.  All transport vehicles are properly licensed and equipped with bandages, vomiting bags, sheets, and blankets. 

All drivers are certified in CPR and also equipped with cellphones and GPS systems for safety percussion. 

Long Distant Non Emergency Transport

If your an elderly person who needs to travel a great distance, MedSync is ready to make the trip with you.  On a scheduled bases MedSync Transportation will provide long distant transports of over 200 miles.   

With our air  ride suspension and fully equipped vehicles MedSync can help make travels go as smooth as possible for clients who require ambulatory assistance.
As every case is different and request unique request or required services we can only provide price based on our qualifying question.  

Please give us a call and we can discuss all special requirements that you may need during your non emergency transport. 

senior citizen transportation

Senior Independence & Non Emergency Medical Transportation

medical transportation Michigan

Depending on others for transportation in Ann Arbor can cause the elderly individual to lose their sense of independence, leading them to feel as though they are bothersome and a weight to be bared for their loved ones. Losing the ability to drive is something that seems to happen slowly over time, and can be difficult to talk about with loved ones.

Senior Citizen Transportation Effects

No longer having the ability to drive when you want often brings on feelings of worry and disappointment. The idea of losing the spontaneity of being able to drive when and where you want will cause your loved ones to not only become defensive but result in sadness with in ones self. While there are many age related changes with driving, most are unavoidable. Some of the changes may include mentation, physical changes and functional declines. These can cause trouble reading street signs, interpreting warning signs, and diminished reflexes. Luckily MedSync offers senior citizens living in Ann Arbor and the greater Michigan area with Non Emergency Medical Transportation options.

Three Types of Non Emergency Medical Transportation

The three types of transportation services available are; fixed route, door to door, and ride sharing. Fixed route transport will transport the individual between fixed spots on a scheduled route. Door to door provides private, advanced reservation transport to and from wherever the individual may need to go. Ride sharing coordinates rides between different individuals who are all going to the same destination. Choosing which one will work best for each situation will be different. Each individual has different needs. It is important that whichever is chosen provides the safest experience, without leaving the individual feeling uncomfortable.

MedSync offers Transportation Services In Ann Arbor and Michigan

MedSync Transportation & Services of Ann Arbor has been providing safe and reliable non emergency medical transportation for seniors and the disabled for over 25 years. They also provide accompaniment services which include companionship and a facilitator. If requested MedSync staff will stay with your loved one at the medical facility and keep him/her company, then bring them safely home. We can accommodate your needs based on individual specific needs.

Taking care of our loved ones is Should be top priority. Make sure they are getting the best and most reliable Transportation service possible.