October 26

Senior Independence & Non Emergency Medical Transportation

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Depending on others for transportation in Ann Arbor can cause the elderly individual to lose their sense of independence, leading them to feel as though they are bothersome and a weight to be bared for their loved ones. Losing the ability to drive is something that seems to happen slowly over time, and can be difficult to talk about with loved ones.

Senior Citizen Transportation Effects

No longer having the ability to drive when you want often brings on feelings of worry and disappointment. The idea of losing the spontaneity of being able to drive when and where you want will cause your loved ones to not only become defensive but result in sadness with in ones self. While there are many age related changes with driving, most are unavoidable. Some of the changes may include mentation, physical changes and functional declines. These can cause trouble reading street signs, interpreting warning signs, and diminished reflexes. Luckily MedSync offers senior citizens living in Ann Arbor and the greater Michigan area with Non Emergency Medical Transportation options.

Three Types of Non Emergency Medical Transportation

The three types of transportation services available are; fixed route, door to door, and ride sharing. Fixed route transport will transport the individual between fixed spots on a scheduled route. Door to door provides private, advanced reservation transport to and from wherever the individual may need to go. Ride sharing coordinates rides between different individuals who are all going to the same destination. Choosing which one will work best for each situation will be different. Each individual has different needs. It is important that whichever is chosen provides the safest experience, without leaving the individual feeling uncomfortable.

MedSync offers Transportation Services In Ann Arbor and Michigan

MedSync Transportation & Services of Ann Arbor has been providing safe and reliable non emergency medical transportation for seniors and the disabled for over 25 years. They also provide accompaniment services which include companionship and a facilitator. If requested MedSync staff will stay with your loved one at the medical facility and keep him/her company, then bring them safely home. We can accommodate your needs based on individual specific needs.

Taking care of our loved ones is Should be top priority. Make sure they are getting the best and most reliable Transportation service possible.


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