May 24

Three hurdles when caring for an elderly parent and how we help.

Three hurdles that come with caring for aging parents and how we can help you overcome them.

Hurdle #1: Are the responsibilities that come with caring for an aging parent becoming overwhelming  stressful?

MedSync Transportation has worked with hundreds of individuals and families over the years in helping them to reduce the stress associated with the transportational responsibilities that come with caring for aging parents. 

Hurdle #2: Does it seem nearly impossible for you to take time off work in order to accompany your loved one to regular scheduled doctor's appointments?

Not only does Med Sync offer basic senior citizen transportation but we also provide accompaniment services which include companionship, and facilitator. We can stay with your loved one at the medical facility and keep him/her company, then bring them safely home. Whatever you require to be done we can accommodate your needs.

Hurdle #3: Do you feel accountable for running errands, picking up groceries, or providing parents with other aid based services on a daily basis?  

We believe when the elderly need a little assistance with day to day activities this doesn't mean that they have  become completely dependent.  We also believe that caring for your aging parents and being accountable shouldn't restrict your own independence as a loving child either.  

MedSync's Non Emergency Medical Transportation can help adult children of elderly parents feel as though they are still independent of each other responsibilities.  We offer day to day senior citizen transportation services and can help with regular life activities such as running errands, picking up groceries, or assisting with in home mobility when needed. 


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