November 26

Transportation for seniors to medical appointments in Michigan

MedSync Transportation & Services provides transportation for seniors to medical appointments

MedSyne Transportation provides transport for seniors to medical appointments through out the entire state of Michigan and bordering states like Ohio and Indiana.  

Working primarily in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit areas our services help both care givers and children who care for their elderly parents with the difficulties associated with ambulatory transportation.  

Why Choose MedSync for Non Emergency Medical Transports

With fully equipped vehicles our drivers are able to provide the most comfortable non-emergency transport possible.  All transport vehicles are properly licensed and equipped with bandages, vomiting bags, sheets, and blankets. 

All drivers are certified in CPR and also equipped with cellphones and GPS systems for safety percussion. 

Long Distant Non Emergency Transport

If your an elderly person who needs to travel a great distance, MedSync is ready to make the trip with you.  On a scheduled bases MedSync Transportation will provide long distant transports of over 200 miles.   

With our air  ride suspension and fully equipped vehicles MedSync can help make travels go as smooth as possible for clients who require ambulatory assistance.
As every case is different and request unique request or required services we can only provide price based on our qualifying question.  

Please give us a call and we can discuss all special requirements that you may need during your non emergency transport. 


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